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    OMFSA what we are


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    OMFSA what we are Empty OMFSA what we are

    Post  thesignguy on Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:03 pm

    OMFSA stands for
    Old Man Fake Skate Army

    A place were past and present "skaters" can hang out and share our similar interests.

    You make the rules, as long as the majority of this site is on board with who and what is posted then it is cool with us. We do not put up with any bullshit, no need to see who's E-Dick is bigger. No warnings no second chances it will not be tolerated here.

    We are made up of ourselves, the mods and admins have those titles because they want to be here and care about the site. This team could change from time to time based on allowed time to be spent here.

    Backstory of how we came about:
    A few years ago the founders of OMFSA all bought a video game called EA Skate. It was the first time we had a as close to perfect skateboarding game. At the time we were all just gamer tags, but after some time we realized we all had a passion for skateboarding. We had/have other forums that we all got to know each other a little better. We became known for being: artists, professional musicians, professional skateboarders(names will be left silent) signmakers, printers, filmers, masters degree holders, video editors, etc. etc. The one thing we all share is a passion for skateboarding. As time went by and the game stopped our video game interests faded away but our passion for skateboarding continues. If your not geeked out on a skateboard video game thats cool most of us are not anymore either. But as the last section of this forum shows that we will always not shy away from were this site grew from.

    Please enjoy your stay

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